Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar

Cocktail and burgers

Regarded as one of the finest steak houses in London alongside Goodman, Hawksmoor has become one of the most successful restaurant groups with rave reviews from bloggers and press alike for its legendary steaks. Having eaten a Porterhouse steak at the Guildhall branch last year and knowing how good it was, I was very much looking forward to trying their burgers to see how they compare to the likes of Honest Burger and Dirty Burger.

cocktail time!

This time around I visited the Hawksmoor Bar just underneath the original Hawksmoor in Spitalfields, I really liked the decor, very speak-easy and "Shoreditch" like, which is perfect for the location. We ordered the xo chicken wings and Seoul ribs as starters. The wings were heavenly with the lovely spicy and salty xo marinate which really mixed well together with the wings. Seoul ribs has a nice Korean mild flavour with very tender meat. The triple cooked chips were how all good chips should be, nicely fried with layers of beautiful texture.
Seoul ribs and chips
Vinegar Slaw, xo wings and kimchi burger

So to the main show, the burgers: we tried both the Ox cheek cheese burger and kimchi cheese burger, I had the Ox cheek cheese burger pink and the meat was really enjoyable, I could really taste the quality meat it used, bold in flavours and full of richness. Kimchi burger well done on the other hand was even better, the sour and bitter taste from the Kimchi with a bit of spicy kick really worked well with the premium meat patty, very good burgers!
Ox cheek cheese burger

So what can I say? I enjoyed the meal a lot, but the only issue I had was the weak service as they seemed like they were not very interested in their job and spoke to us like robots. But beside that, Hawksmoor's burgers definitely stood out from the all the burgers I've had in London, using top quality meat and simple garnish, the burgers were clean with good depth of flavours which are the type of burger I enjoy the most. For me Honest Burger still has the edge but Hawksmoor's burger is also a real winner if you are seeking top quality burgers in a more elegant setting to your usual fast food burger joint. 

Food 5
Service 3
Ambience 6
Value 5

£30 per head with a cocktail

157A Commercial St, London E1 6BJ

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