Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cutty Cargo

Whisky party with Cutty Sark

Cutty Cargo by Cutty Sark Scotch Whisky is a global tour inside a specially built giant cargo which captures the spirit and history of the Cutty Sark brand, they were known for smuggling whisky in ships cargoes to the US in the prohibition era. So what better way than having all the creative talents from London, teaming up together inside a giant cargo with Cutty Sark Whisky to deliver an extravaganza evening?
Cutty cargo by day
Cutty Cargo by night

I was really impressed with the interior layout of the space, with music photographer Tom Oxley showcasing a selection of video photographic portraits including big names such as Professor Green and Simon from Biffy Clyro. The Shanty Theatre Company took the stage in the early hours to give the audience an energetic and dramatic performance.

Tom Oxley's creations
The Shanty Theatre Company

Headliner Jessie Ware, one the brightest talents British music has to offer, gave us a top notch live show with her smash hits taken from her album Devotion. DJ Duke Dumont on the other hand got the crowd jumping and dancing with a good mixture of house and dance music, I've always been a fan of his production but seeing him live was a totally different and memorable experience.
Jessie Ware
Party time!

A great selection of whisky based cocktails and long drinks were provided at the bar to show case the versatility of Cutty Sark Whisky and how well it can mix with different ingredients. To top it off, Meat Liquor, one of the best burger joints in London treated the crowd with mini sliders throughout the evening, the juicy and tender meat patty in the slider tasted wonderful and went down a treat with the whisky cocktails.
Drinks menu
Bartenders in action

All in all it was a very interesting and unique evening, combining local art form into one single space with plenty of twist, a brilliant and clever concept. For those who are attending the next Cutty Cargo event, you are in for one exciting and special evening. Finally I'd just like to give a shout out to the sound system team, the music level was absolutely spot on which isn't easy to get it right for a pop up space, the bass level was perfect and not overly loud so people could still chat at the back, nicely done!

*I also had the chance to try The Cutty Sark Blend and Cutty Storm on its own in the party and here are my thoughts:

Cutty Sark Blend

Nose and taste: Fresh grain, lightly floral taste with hint of vanilla
Finish: Simple, dry with a light touch of spices.

A very approachable blended whisky, ideal for long drinks

Cutty Storm

Nose and taste: Thick, creamy and good balance of fruitiness.
Finish: Little peppery with a medium finish, smooth.

A blended whisky with good depth of aroma thanks to its high content of aged malt whisky, great for classic whisky cocktails such as the "Old Fashion" and "Manhattan".

Learn how to make a modern Whisky Sour with 69 Colebrooke Row:

For more information on Cutty Sark Whisky:

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