Sunday, 6 April 2014

Clockjack Oven

Benchmark of great Chicken

I returned to the ever reliable Clockjack Oven on a fine Spring evening, I am a big fan of this rotisserie restaurant, I really like how they have taken a classic British dish and executed in such a refined manner. I ordered more or less the same thing from my last visited, the wings and the chicken bits were just as good as I remembered it. The wings had the right balance of sweetness and richness, and the well seasoned chicken bites was a real joy when dipping into the creamy ranch sauce, it was a match from heaven, comfort food at its best. The main star of the evening, a whole free range rotisserie chicken was roasted expertly, the skin was crispy and the meat was very tender and full of fresh meaty flavours, it was chicken dinner at its finest together with the rich gravy.
chicken bites and BBQ wings
chicken house salad
rotisserie chicken

Overall another great dinner at Clockjack Oven, I am fully aware it was only rotisserie chicken at the end of the day but they really know how to get the formula right and delivered it brilliantly. The service here is also excellent, friendly and charming, streets ahead to any high street chains, price here is also excellent, simply put, you are paying excellent value for great food using well sourced ingredients, Clockjack Oven is a must try for any chicken fan.

Food 6
Service 7
Ambience 5
Value 7

£16 per head

14 Denman St, LondonUK W1D

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