Friday, 18 April 2014

Four Seasons

Chinese BBQ

Four Seasons is one of the few well known Chinese restaurant groups in London, if I had to pick one Chinese restaurant in China Town to recommend, Four Seasons would be the only one due to its quality Chinese BBQ items at a very reasonable price. This time around I went for the usual meat combo to share with a friend and a main of Malaysian style fried rice off its special menu. 
roast pork and duck

The roast pork was as good as always, a good balance of fatty and skinny layers topped with lovely crispy skin. The legendary roast duck was also very pleasant, well marinated in soy sauces, sugar, honey and five spices, the meat was tender and had a real richness to it. I was also very impressed with the Malaysian styled fried rice, it had a good mixture of seafood such as prawn and scallop, cooked with curry powder and fresh chilli to give the dish a real kick to the palate.
Malaysian fried rice
bbq pork and roast chicken on rice

Once again Four Seasons delivered a very solid meal as far as London standards goes. The downside of the place is like most Chinese restaurants in China Town, the service was weak and they do expect you to leave as soon as you've finish your food. So this place would be more ideal for grabbing a quick lunch or dinner rather than a date or a friends gathering. Price wise it is excellent and perhaps one of the best in London in terms of value for money. 

Food 5
Service 3
Ambience 2
Value 7

£17 per head with tea

12 Gerrard St London, UK W1D 5

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