Sunday, 30 November 2014

Honest Burger

Honestly good

Honest Burger
Honest Burger is growing and growing fast, not so long ago it was just a humble burger joint in Brixton, now 8 chains strong with more to follow in 2015. Honest Burger is known for its juicy premium burgers and the infamous rosemary chips and I am a massive fan of it, I was lucky to be invited to visit its latest opening at Liverpool Street to try out some of its new items on the menu. The Liverpool Street joint also serves breakfast with some interesting items such as the sausage and sage patty muffin with fried egg and black pudding, sounded like a winner for me. 

wings and rings
cheese burger
the tribute

I visited for lunch and missed out the muffin but did got the chance to try out its new buffalo chicken wings, hint of spices and not too overwhelming. The tribute burger was just what a proper burger is all about, cooked medium rare and the patty was just so juicy and full of rich meaty flavours, the French mustard and dressing balanced the bold flavours wonderfully and I just couldn't get enough of it, for me Honest Burger is still the best burger you can get in London and a must try if you haven't done so already.

12 Widegate Street, London, E1 7HP

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