Monday, 17 November 2014

Pizza Union

Super fast pizza

Pizza Union

Pizza Union is an all day pizza bar/canteen located in Spitalfields, according to it's press release: "Pizza Union is inspired by the authentic Italian pizza experience, where locals happily queue for high-quality, fresh pizza that is ready in minutes and surprisingly affordable." All in all it sounded like a great concept as I am always in the hunt for good food at great value, so when I was invited down to try out its pizza I went with great enthusiasm.
stone oven

I went for the Carne pizza, a thin 12 inch pizza with chicken, beef and pepperoni, it was a real meaty affair, cooked in a traditional pizza stone oven and ready in under four minutes. It had a lovely crispy edge but not dry at the same time which was a real delight, taste wise the ingredients really stood out and it was light in flavour. The Dolce aka dough ring stuffed with nutella and mascarpone was a surprisingly well executed dessert, not overly oily and still moist inside the dough, served hot with the ever delightful nutella chocolate.

pizza salad
The Dolce 

I liked what I encountered at Pizza Union a lot, the super thin tasty pizza turned out to be exceptional in value, in terms of fast food territory it was easily the best I've tasted in London. And quality wise it was not far from places like Franco Manca. Pizza Union was a great discovery and I am sure I will return whenever I am in need of some good value pizza.

25 Sandy's Row, London E1 7HW

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