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Lobster Kitchen

Work in progress

lobster kitchen

Burger and Lobster is one of the most successful restaurant concepts for the past few years, the idea of serving lobsters at affordable prices became a big hit to Londoners and now it has become a mini chain with more openings underway. Almost two years on, finally we have other businesses who would like to take a share of the popular formula. Lobster Kitchen, a new New England inspired lobster joint aims to provide American style lobster with a few innovative twists along the way.

lobster menu and cook book

I ate on the first week of its opening, and clearly the kitchen is still trying to adjust to the pace and service. It took almost 30 minutes before my food arrived, as the ordering system is semi fast food, you pay at the till and wait for your food to arrive, it was rather unforgiving. The whole lobster was tiny and somehow it came with only one claw so I took it as the kitchen's mistake as it was seriously busy, and at £19, it was totally not worth it as the taste was very ordinary. The lobster mac and cheese was also a disaster, the macaroni was far too over cooked and it ended up like a pile of cheesy porridge when it arrived on my table.
lobster roll: Zesty blend of sweet chilli & spicy fish sauce
whole lobster boiled in a white wine and celery stock
lobster mac and cheese

I was lucky enough to have a 50% off discount on the day, without it it would have cost me almost £40 which was far too expensive given the quality of the food and the portion size. To sum it up, it is a great concept but Lobster Kitchen so far has yet to execute it properly and really should get its act together in order to provide good value for its customers, otherwise just the "lobster" bandwagon alone will not be enough to retain customers once the launch hype dies down.

Food 1.5/5

What I paid: 
£38 per head 

Average cost without drinks and services:

111 Great Russell Street, WC1B 3NQ.

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