Thursday, 15 January 2015

Australia Dairy Company

Faster than Bolt

Australia Dairy Company 

Australia Dairy Company is a legendary canteen in the heart of Jordan, Hong Kong. At peak times the infamous queue is so silly that it can be as long as 200 meters plus, which would put the queue at Meat Liquor to shame. Why people would be mad enough to commit such effort for some canteen food? Well three reasons, one is down to the mindset of HK culture which I wouldn't go into it, the other two reasons would be its signature dishes: scrambled eggs and milk pudding.

egg and ham, the HK way
I got in at off peak hours and managed to avoid the queuing madness, once ordered the food it arrived in less than five seconds which was insane, that is faster than McDonalds and Usain Bolt! The scrambled eggs were good, and I meant real good, it was light and creamy and cooked to perfection, funny enough how such a simple breakfast item can be so wonderful. The milk pudding was also fabulous, slow steamed egg white, milk and sugar. The texture was smooth with a heavenly creamy aroma, it was like a hot version of milky panna cotta in a way and it was such a delight on a cold winters evening.
milk pudding

Australia Dairy Company showcased humble food at its very best, using ordinary ingredients but still can produce some sensational tastes. It was perhaps one of my most well spend £3 of my life. But the consequence of that price is you are pretty much treated like second class citizens at this canteen, staff are rude and will rush you to order and leave once you are done eating. They won't give a toss if you complain so for tourists it can be somewhat of a killjoy.

Food 2.5/5

What I paid: 
£3 per head 

Average cost without drinks and services :
£2 - £5

G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan

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