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Le Gavroche

Timeless classic

Le Gavroche, photo from management

Probably the most famous restaurant in London, the legendary Le Gavroche was the very first restaurant in the UK to gain 3 Michelin stars. Now operated by Michel Roux Jr, who has become such a household name after acting as a judge for the popular TV show "Masterchef: The Professional" for 6 years. Le Gavroche is all about classical French cuisine with small modern touches in an old fashioned classy setting. 2 years ago I had my birthday dinner at Le Gavroche and my wonderful experience on that very night still remains strong in my memory.

bar area
hello M.R Jr:)
Cheese Souffle Cooked on Double Cream

Once again I opted for the 'menu exceptionnel', an 8 course tasting menu. The restaurant's signature dish cheese souffle was just as good as I remembered it, the lightness and softness was such a delight with the boldness of the cheese slowly developing on your palate. Seared scallops was another masterfully crafted dish, the giant scallop was cooked perfectly, it was full of natural sweetness, the earthy combination of the mushroom and truffle blended in nicely with the scallops and it added a great depth of robustness to the dish.
carpaccio of marinated and seared fillet of beef,
 horseradish picked beetroot, salted beef rye bread toast
seared scallops, white bean, truffle
stone bass & pastilla scented with spices, fennel,
red rice, meat jus
braised & smoked pork cheek, crispy pork belly ravioli,
red cabbage, condiment

The final savoury course, roast venison was some of the finest cooking of venison I have ever encountered, melt in your mouth and as tender as you would hope for, the quality of the meat was truly exceptional. The medlar jelly offered that tiny hint of fruity bitterness and sweetness which made this dish such a winter treat. And how can I forget the legendary cheese board, they have by far the largest cheese board than any other Michelin restaurants in London, full of exciting choices, for example, they had five types of well selected washed rind cheeses while most places will have only one or two at most.

roast South Downs loin of venison, Jerusalem artichoke,
Medlar jelly scented sauce
the mother of all cheese board...
...cheesy overdose
spiced dark chocolate ganache, texture of orange

Yet another incredible evening at Le Gavroche, the cooking was excellent and it is so rare in London to find classical French cooking of such fine quality. But this restaurant is so much more than just the food, from the lovely vintage decor to the formal, but charming services, this is a full package to a time machine that takes you back to the 80s for a slice of gastronomic experiences that you can't find elsewhere in London. Le Gavroche is truly special. 30 years on (after relocating to Upper Brook Street)  this 2 Michelin starred restaurant is still continuing to produce some of the finest cooking in London, a timeless classic. 

Food 4.5/5

Executive chef: 
Michel Roux Jr

What I paid: 
£155 per head, with a glass of wine

Average cost without drinks and services:
£54.80 lunch menu
£126 tasting menu

Le Gavroche, 43 Upper Brook Street

London W1K 7QR

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