Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Bo Drake

Eastern BBQ

Bo Drake

Bo Drake is a brand new restaurant that just opened in Soho, the concept is all about BBQ meat using slow smoking and grilling methods from inspiration around the world. With Jan Lee in charge who used to be Ex Roka and is no stranger to western influenced Asian cuisine. The format of the menu is more or less a la carte style with choices of smalls, meat, vegetables and sides.

whisky sour
brisket bao
baby bobo chicken

We started off with brisket baos but unfortunately it was rather underwhelming, the smoked brisket itself was fine but the baos were cold, they had too much mustard and it overpowered the meat and at £9 for two baos it was just far too expensive for what it was, served in front of us. Baby bobo chicken with kimchi dressing was a decent dish with the spices seasoning just right without dominating everything. Korean lamb cutlets however was really something, the lamb was super tender and moist, finely seasoned and they delivered a melt in your mouth sensation.
grilled asparagus
Korean lamb cutlets, nashi pear
Scottish rib eye, miso butter

The food at Bo Drake was not that bad at all but the real issue I had was the price. Three pieces of tiny chicken at £9.50 was just far too expensive. I've got no problem paying a premium for food as long as the quality matches the price, but I can't help but think Bo Drake heavily mark up the cost of some of the dishes to what they are truly worth.  

Food 2/5

Head chef: 

Heath McDonald

What I paid: 
£30 per head with two cocktails

Average cost without drinks and services :

£30 - £40

6 Greek Street, London W1D

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