Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Shed

Notting Hill's gem

The Shed, photo from management
Notting Hill is blessed with all kinds of wonderful restaurants and bars, from the trendy Rum Kitchen and Honest Burger, to the legendary double Michelin starred Ledbury. Locals are spoiled with a variety of restaurants and it seems the goods just keep on coming. The Shed, opened in 2013 by the Gladwin brothers: Richard and Oliver, champion local produces with nose to tail cooking in a fun and casual setting. The summer style decor with barrels and colourful furniture make it feel like it's a seafood restaurant by a sunny beach.

brown crab bomb
Nutbourne lamb, squash, barley
stout cured mackerel

The format of the menu is similar to many modern London restaurants with the small plate concept which is great for sharing. Inspired by Thai tastes, the canapes of brown crab bomb packed a punch with the refreshing lime and spicy chili, the balance was just right with both elements enhancing the rich crab meat beautifully. Stout cured mackerel was a clever concept, the earthiness of the stout was beautifully infused with the richness of the meaty mackerel and the mild sweetness of the pumpkin and cranberry jam which off set the robust flavour to give the dish an extra layer of taste.

braised pork hash, egg, black cabbage, garlic
Grilled beef heart, celeriac,
artichoke, almonds, lovage pesto

Braised pork hash was the weak link on the night, while the flavours were fine and the sharpness of the garlic worked well with the pork and cabbage, the meat itself lacked moistness which resulted in a rather dry and unexciting dish. In contrast, the beef heart was splendid, it had a powerful mouthful flavour and every single garnish on the plate linked well together to create a masterfully constructed piece of cooking. Dessert of the evening has to be the whisky cream, the oaky and vanilla profile of the whisky was just right without overwhelming the dedicated taste of the oat and rhubarb.

magnum vienetta parfait
whisky cream, oats, honey
honeycomb crunchy

The Shed was a very interesting find, with some very good usage of fresh vegetables, not like your usual British restaurant. In some ways it reminds me of The Dairy on Clapham but with less experimental elements in its cooking. Judging the restaurant which was almost a full house in a cold January on a Tuesday evening, clearly The Shed is doing something right. Service was also very knowledgeable and very caring which was a real good plus, along with the fun and relaxing atmosphere, it is the kind of place I would visit often if I lived nearby.

Food 3/5

Head chef: 
Oliver Gladwin

What I paid: 
£50 per head with a cocktail

Average cost without drinks and services :
£25 - £40

122 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W8 4RT

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