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Rex and Mariano

Seafood smash and grab

I pad menu

Yet another restaurant concept by the Goodman restaurant group, the Goodman boys really have make a big impact to the London dining scene in the past few years. Burger and Lobster proved to be such a smash hit and now operating as a mini chain with more openings on the way. Smack Lobster takes the lobster to a whole new level and priced it at street level which no one has ever done before, while Beast went to the other end of extremes, offering steak and crabs at outrageous prices.

Rex and Mariano
rock oysters

So what is it this time? Rex and Mariano is a modern casual seafood restaurant that serves raw seafood as well as some simply cooked seafood dishes. One of the unique elements about this place is you order from an I Pad instead of using waiters and the same applies when you ask for the bill which is actually very easy and efficient once you figure out how to use it. The whole lemon sole was well cooked, not too much butter in the dressing and the citrus cut through it which resulted in a light and fresh plate of food.
seabass ceviche, coriander, yuzu, red onion, tiger’s milk
tuna, salmon and seabass carpaccio

The trio of tuna, salmon and seabass carpaccio was perhaps a little heavy with the tomato dressing which overwhelmed the seafood, while the seabass managed to hold its ground, the flavour of the tuna and salmon was lost in the seasoning. However, the seabass tartare was excellent, the herbal note of the basil and citrus element of the lemon juice was well balanced with the crunchy bread adding a nice depth of texture.

seabass tartare, basil, olive, lemon, bread
whole lemon sole

I like what I saw in Rex and Mariano, while the seafood selections by no means were exceptional, in terms of the quality of the actual ingredients, it was still fresh and the cooking was decent. Another great thing about this place is the price, with most items costing between £7 to £15 which is real good value when you are ordering fresh seafood. For similar quality elsewhere in London you are looking at paying at least double the price so hats off to Rex and Mariano, I can see myself coming back every once a while, just like Burger and Lobster.

Food 3/5

Head chef: 
Chris Piorkowski

What I paid: 
£25 per head

Average cost without drinks and services :
£20 - £30

2 Saint Anne's Court, Soho, London W1F 0AZ

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