Monday, 8 June 2015

Jacob’s Gourmet Snacktails

Jacob’s Cracker Crisps

Seaside aroma

I love crisps, the rich savoury taste is such a treat and works well as a snack with cocktails, so when Jacobs came up with their brand new cracker crisps with matching cocktails at The Town Hall Hotel in London, I was really excited about it. London is blessed with some world class cocktail bars, from Happiness Forget to the Artesian, these bars are capable of creating innovative cocktails as well as perfecting timeless classics. But Matt Whiley from The Peg + Patriot is pushing even further with some very creative and unexpected cocktails to match Jacob's new products which tasted define as well as challenging yours drinking experience not just in taste, but also in aroma, sight and concept. 

Peg + Patriot
Thai sweet chilli

The Thai Sweet Chilli cocktail is based on the idea of spring roll and mixing it with sugar and lime juice to create a truly authentic experience, the sweet and sour element within the drink had a perfect balance and matched the Thai sweet chilli cracker wonderfully, such a simple but clever idea. The theatre element of the evening came with the last cocktail with liquid nitrogen creating some "seaside aroma" followed by a very British cocktail using an English potato vodka with pea shoot syrup and English sparkling wine, this "fish and chips" idea was the perfect combination with the sea salt and balsamic vinegar cracker, it was an absolute delight and a wonderfully executed idea.
Thai sweet chilli
sea salt and balsamic vinegar

Sometime when a chef or a bartender gets stuck into a concept, they can get trapped into the idea and get carried away, forgetting the basic and fundamental elements but Matt really has managed to pull out his magic and totally deliverer a sensational evening with his stunning cocktails that worked extremely well with the cracker crisps. It was a strange and fun experience and it really opened up my eyes to the creativity of what you can do with matching food and drink, how the combination of flavours can affect your taste buds and expectations. I am looking forward to trying out something similar at home with my own ideas to see how it would work out as I am sure it will be a fun experiment.

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