Saturday, 27 June 2015

Menu Cheat Sheet

Cheat your way through that fancy menu!

As a self confessed culinary noob, I can often come a cropper in a restaurant, and that is including some pubs when the menu terminology is more than a little overly complicated. Using ostentatious words and phrases to describe even in a chain restaurant has become incredibly popular in recent years, helped greatly by shows like Masterchef, in which a dish is not even acknowledged by Gregg Wallace unless it has been 'deconstructed', 'flambed' or whipped into an 'air'. 

Thankfully, the other day I came across the solution to all my foodie terminology problems courtesy of - A Menu Cheat Sheet no less! This handy graphic provides an easily digestible explanation of the most popular, pretentious food terms you are likely to come across on any menu. Read and memorise, and impress your dining guest next time they ask you 'do you know what a confit of duck shoulder with crushes, heritage legumes is?' 

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