Monday, 20 January 2020

Duck and Rice

Gastropub with Chinese crackers

Drunken lobster clay pot

Duck and Rice is my to-go casual Chinese restaurant when I am around the Soho area. The restaurant is not your usual Chinese restaurant in Chinatown at all. It is modern and lively in the mood of a trendy pub, with Cantonese cooking, along with a hint of Japanese and Southeast Asian cuisine elements in the mixed. What I like about this place is the big selection of beer, as well as proper cocktails, something not easy to find in standard traditional Chinese places. More importantly, you can book in advance for both lunch and dinner time, and this is a massive plus for me. 

Rock shrimp spring rolls
Wok tossed crispy tofu

For my 7th visit, I opted for a selection of dishes from the Chinese New Year specials. The rock shrimp spring roll had a touch of fusion element with the use of cheese, I enjoyed the crunchiness of the pastry which was loaded with sesame seeds to give it a nutty and aromatic taste. The drunken lobster made a return and I was so happy about it. The floral note of the wine and the robust flavours from the ginger created such a wonderful broth for the moist lobster, the little touch of goji berries added fruitiness which freshens up the smoky aroma from the clay pot. The wok-tossed tofu created had the perfect harmony of crispness and softness. It was well seasoned with a crispy like surface, along with a super soft, creamy texture on the inside. It was like the tofu version of triple cooked chips.

XO sauce Stir-fried turnip cake
Crabmeat tofu clay pot

I enjoyed all the dishes from the Chinese New Year selection. The place is all about bold flavours with great quality beer to match. It is fair to say some of the dishes are not authentic but then again, as long as the taste is good, a little bit of creativity is very much welcome. Just like a gastropub, it has a relaxing vibe and friendly service, which is something that you can't easily find in traditional Chinese restaurants. For me, Duck and Rice deliver great quality Chinese cuisine without needing to pay the sky-high cost, and that is why I would always head back there every once a while. 

Food 3.5/5

Average cost without drinks and services:


90 Berwick St, Soho, London W1F 0QB

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