Sunday, 13 December 2020

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Gordon's flagship

Lobster, langoustine ravoli, truffle

The name Gordon Ramsay doesn't require any introduction, the world most famous Michelin starred chef has a restaurant empire spreading across the world, and his most important, landmark restaurant is without a doubt Restaurant Gordon Ramsay located in Chelsea, London. This flagship site has held 3 Michelin stars for over 10 years, and these days is headed up by Matt Abe, who has recently becoming chef-patron. I rarely dine at a Ramsay restaurant, and this is the second time after a dinner at the single Michelin starred Petrus which is not too far away, and I found it pretty dated and lacked excitement. For my dinner at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, I opted for the prestige tasting menu, which contains a selection of Gordon's signature dishes that helped him reaching that 3 stars status, so pretty the greatest hits of his.

Bread, sashimi, caviar and pumpkin
Pressed foie gras, pear, hazelnut
Cornish turbot, walnut, chicken jus
White truffle
On mushroom pasta

The classic lobster ravioli was the dish I was looking forward to the most but was average for me in the end. I found the filling was a touch overcooked, as the lobster was chewy, and the salmon texture was confusing given there are so many types of ingredients within the filling. On the other hand, the Cornish turbot was fantastic, cooked to perfection with such a silky smooth soft texture, and I enjoyed the chicken jus which acted as a savory seasoning, it was fish cookery at a really high level. Pigeon and beetroot is a classic combination and the chefs here have done it in such a refined manner. The soft earthy bitterness of the beetroot and berries combined niced with the smoky and savory taste of the pigeon, super tender and seasoned to perfection, it was the plate of the evening.

Pigeon, blackberries, beetroot
Beef, leek, black garlic
Burnt cream
Pecan praline parfait
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Gordon's flagship site's cooking was indeed at a really high level, for sure the cooking is based on classic French haute cuisine with a touch of modern refinement, so don't expect any creative or unusual elements. At the same time, if I compare it to some of the other 2 stars restaurants in London, I didn't find it to be better. In fact, I rate Core and Kitchen Table both above it if I judge the food alone. Last but not least, the wine suggestion was seriously good, but of course, you are paying a sky-high West London price. Don't forget, you are dining in a 3 stars restaurant, by the world's most famous chef after all.

Food 4.5/5

Average cost without drinks and services:

68 Royal Hospital Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 4HP

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