Saturday, 16 February 2013

Fez Mangal

Delightful Turkish BBQ

I been on a hunt for a fine Turkish kebab for many years in London, and I think I finally find one in Fez Mangal. Locate near Ladbroke Station in Notting Hill, this place isn't your standard drunken greasy kebab take away, but a proper Turkish BBQ restaurant which provide quality kebab and BBQ dishes. The place itself is actually very stylish with unusual wallpaper and design with a massive grill at the front, which is where all the magic happens.

We ordered a mixed doner kebab, which came with salad and rice, And an interesting dish of Yogurtlu Chicken and lamb Shish with fresh tomato sauce, yogurt and butter. While we were waiting we can see the chef working on the grill in the open kitchen with all kind of meat and bread, the smell was wonderful. We can just tell the food is going to be great. The food arrived around 10 minutes after our order and it served with flat bread, yogurt and chilli sauce. The mixed doner of lamb and chicken tasted great, so much better than anything I had so far in London. Superb seasoning and texture, a treat with the cold salad and yogurt. The Yougurtlu dish is a Turkish classic dish of cooking the meat in a grill and finish with hot tomato sauce and cold yogurt on top, this was the first time I tried such dish and I really enjoyed it, I was actually surprise that the sourness of tomato and yogurt worked well with the grilled meat. Really enjoyed the combination of flavours in this dish.
mixed doner kebab
Yogurtlu Chicken and lamb Shish

Overall Fez Mangal is a very good Turkish BBQ venue, and by far the best kebab I had so far in London. Service was decent and reasonable priced. I can see this place get absolutely packed in the weekend when the Portobello Market is happening. The downside? Too far away from where I live and work!

Food 5
Service 4
Ambience 5
Value 9

£10 per head

104 Ladbroke Grove, London, 
W11 1PY

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