Saturday, 16 February 2013

Kerbisher & Malt

The fine art of fish and chips

Tuck away in the quiet end of Hammersmith on Shepherd's Bush Road, Kerisher & Malt serve one of the best fish and chips in London. It's been very difficult to locate a decent fish & chips place in London and I was please to discover such a quality restaurant producing this classic English dish.

I actually really liked the d├ęcor of the venue, simple, modern and tidy. Far better than any other regular Fish and chips places I been in the past. So we ordered battered cod and battered haddock with chips. They also offer grilled or in matzo but how can you say no to battered?! Just had to be done. You need to pay extra for tartare sauce and mayonnaise at 50p each. Although it was home make sauce freshly prepared on the day, I failed to notice any significant different compare to branded product, a little disappointed it cost extra too. But the real stars here are the fishes. The fishes were seriously good. The battering was absolutely spot on, light and crispy but not oily and greasy at all. The fish itself was also wonderful, the cod was smooth and juicy while the haddock was tender and meaty. Chips were good but nothing special, but adding malt vinegar and salt to accompany with the fish just make this a plate of British classic full of joys.
Haddock with chips
Cod with chips

Overall a very good meal and super good value too. At around £10 you are getting great value food, far cheaper than your average pubs but better food at the same time, shame with the location because unless you work near the place, it is not easy to get to. Oh... and the portion here is massive, in fact I almost struggled to finish mine. So... good food, good value and good portion... a must try place for serious fish and chips lovers.

Food 4
Service 4
Ambience 4
Value 9

£10 per head

164 Shepherd's Bush Road, London
W6 7PB

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