Saturday, 16 February 2013

Lahore Kebab House

Outstanding Pakistani food at outstanding value

If you live near around the city or East London then Lahore Kebab House should be a familiar name, serving outstanding kebab and curry at outstanding value for many years in Whitechapel. It is in a canteen format, which can properly sit over 100 at a time, the place is massive! 

Like most Pakistani restaurant, a plate of salad was given with yogurt but a bottle of still water rather than tap water, which was a nice touch.  To start off the menu we had chicken kebab, chicken tikka and lamb kebab. All the meat was nicely grilled, but the chicken kebab really stood out, freshly grilled, tender and full of rich and authentic flavours  The lamb was just a touch over cooked but with great seasoning, the chicken tikka was the weakest out of the three with lack of depth of flavours as would expect for a tikka dish. I am not good at handling spicy food but I cant stop digging into the kebab (The bottle of still water came handy) as it tasted brilliant, the mixture of spices were just spot on, they really know the art of seasoning. 
chicken kebab

chicken tikka and lamb kebab

Than come the main dishes: Sag gosht and lamb curry on the bone. Sag gosht was lovely, the spinach, mustard leaf and all kind of Asian spices were beautifully blended together. The gosht really benefit the seasoning of the sag and it really worked together. The lamb curry on the bone was nothing but outstanding, the curry delivered well balance spices and richness of the lamb thanks to cooking the curry with the bone, a great cooking technique of getting extra flavours from meat. And the lamb was tender and sweet, this was by far the best curry dish I had in London, in fact, far better than the lamb curry I had at Trishna, which is a 1 star Michelin restaurant, and at a far cheaper price too, sensational.  Had to use naan bread to finish off all the sag and curry off the plates, as it really was that enjoyable.
naan bread
 Sag gosht
lamb curry on the bone

Service is decent enough for a canteen level, but you are here for the food and the food will not let you down here, and it is at such a great value too. You can't go wrong with Lahore Kebab House, definitely worth a visit for any curry fan and Asian food lovers.

Food 6
Service 3
Ambience 2
Value 10

£16 per head

2 Umberston Street, Whitechapel
London E1 1PY

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