Monday, 1 April 2013

101 Thai Kitchen

Great value authentic Thai food 

Not to mistaken with One O One in Knightbridge, (Which is a wonderful seafood restaurant) 101 Thai Kitchen is a small family run Tai restaurant on the edge of Hammersmith. I eaten there so many times and I can say it is one of the most authentic Thai restaurant in London, providing quality Thai food at a very good price, which trust me, it is not easy to come by in London these days.

We had a selection of different items from the full menu this time around. Kicked off with a sharing platter of "101 ways to heaven" of spring rolls, chicken satay, sweet corn cakes, pigeon legs and prawn on toast. The chicken satay was grilled at just the right level, however can't say the same for the spring rolls and pigeons legs, it was a bit dry and lack flavours.
101 ways to heaven

Thai Green curry here is a must try, it is not heavily loaded with cream and coconut juice like most Thai in London, just at the right level with the sweet basil and lovely aroma of the green curry really shined out, perfectly matched with the chicken and juicy aubergine. The is one of the best executed Thai green curry I had in London.
Thai Green curry

The "Screaming num" deep fired aubergines in batter topped with spicy garlic, chili and ginger sauce was another well made dish on the day, the spices blend really well with the fresh garlic and ginger. The strong and bold flavours clothed the light and neutral of the aubergines, a perfect harmony.
Screaming num

You will love "Pad Kee Moa" if you enjoy spicy noodle dishes, a fired noodle with chilies, garlic, vegetables and holy basil with squid. I must admit the spices level was beyond my limit but I really enjoyed it at the same time (With the help of million glasses of water...). You get just a hint of sweetness off from the squid and basil, which worked great with the rich flavours of the chilies and garlic.
Pad Kee Moa

Service was decent at best, but then again, it is what you expect in most Asian restaurant in London, however in term of value and food quality, you can't go wrong in 101 Thai Kitchen. The curry and Pad Thai here are top notch, really worth a try if you live or work nearby.

Food 5
Service 3
Ambience 4
Value 7

£15 per head

352 King St, London, 
Greater London W6 0RX

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