Sunday, 28 April 2013

Pollen Street Social

Still going strong

6 months later after the outstanding tasting menu (That oyster ice cream was truly work of art!) at the ever popular Pollen Street Social, here I am again for the fourth time at Jason Atherton's flagship London restaurant. Jason is pretty much the man of the moment right now having just launched Little Social on the other side of the road and Social Eating House at Poland Street, I returned to Pollen Street Social for lunch as I love the relaxing atmosphere and great food combination.

I went for the lunch menu this time around and as usual, I ordered a cocktail to start off with. The cocktail menu changed a lot compare to my last visit, very avant garde with much use of bespoke infuse spirit and syrup on the list. I ordered a "Silver Screen" popcorn washed Woodford Reserve bourbon, PSS cherry bespoke cola, orange oils, bitters with popcorn. This was pretty much a Manhattan with a modern twist but an interesting presentation which added a playful element to it. The standard of cocktail craftsmanship is rising in London and I was very excited to see how far Pollen Street Social's cocktail had develop compare to the early days.
Silver Screen

The bread was decent on its own but even better was the amuse bouche. The pig crackling was a thing of beauty, thin and crispy. The fruity mustard sauces was nicely blended and the fish mousse was just as good as it was from my first visit. The amuse bouche here are not the most adventure or technical, however it does deliver in taste and I think that is the most important factor.
amuse bouche

My starter, the mother of good old British cuisine, and one of the signature dish here, the English Breakfast! I meant to try this dish for a long time, I had a slim down version of this in the tasting menu before and it was just simply not enough! The egg was poached to perfection, bang on the money and the crispy bacon with those little mushroom was nicely seasoned. No grease whatsoever, without a doubt the best English breakfast I had and it will be hard to find better.
English Breakfast

For main, I had the braised lamb neck, reblochon glazed potatoes and pea. It was almost like a posh Sunday roast, the meat was juicy and earthy. Great use of the lamb neck, one of the most under use cut of a lamb but there are so much interesting texture and flavours so it is perfect was braising to get all the richness and moisture.
Braised lamb neck, reblochon glazed potatoes and pea
Roasted Cornish red mullet

Desserts: Bergamot meringue, lemon verbena, olive oil gel. A lovely refreshing dessert which was great to clean up my palate, it wasn't overly sweet and had great citrus notes, crunchy on the edge but soft and cool on the inside, a great summer dessert.
Bergamot meringue, lemon verbena, olive oil gel

It was great to see Pollen Street Social still going strong despite  the opening of Little Social and Social Eating House. Managed to have a brief chat with Jason at the end and I can just see so much passion and love he has for his restaurants, a true chef! This place offers quality food in a casual and relax setting which isn't common in London these days. The set menu was  £30 which I think its an absolute bargain consider the level of the food plus the service you are getting, a decent pub meal will cost similar money and I know which one I will rather go to.

Food 4/5

Executive chef: 
Jason Atherton

What I paid: 
£50 per head with 1 cocktail

Average cost without drinks and services:
£33.50 lunch menu
£89 tasting menu

8 Pollen St  London, Greater London W1S 1NQ 

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