Monday, 26 August 2013

Burger and Lobster

Big boy challenge

My third visit to Burger and Lobster (for the last visit click here), but this time around I went to the Farringdon branch and picked something different to the usual £20 menu. We arrived on a Tuesday evening and managed to get seated right away at the bar by the kitchen, which has a wonderful view of the kitchen which personally is something I found really entertaining to watch.
Burger and Lobster Farringdon

We planned to order the special menu for two which was 2 burgers, 1 lobster and desserts. But hang on.... I then noticed the specials board "The catch" with some extra large lobsters were on offer. Having eaten the standard sizes a few times already I managed to convince my friend to go for the 6+ib monster at £111!! The waiter delivered it live on the table to let us check out the big boy and this has to be the biggest live lobster I ever encountered!
Get ready for it....

6ib 5oz big boy!

We had some cocktails while we were waiting, I always enjoy the cocktails at Burger and Lobster. They're simple but packed with the essential cocktail DNA. My South Carolina Tea with gin and earl grey tea was refreshing and had wonderful citrus and summer fruits notes. Watching the chefs craving our lobster while sipping the cocktails was a rather fun experience. Because the lobster was so big, our waiter suggested it should be half grilled and half steamed. When it arrived we couldn't believed how much food we had in front of us!
the lobster grill
big boy rip

My steamed lobster was an absolute delight, the meat was so fresh, juicy and tender. Lovely soft texture and it was perfect with a few dashes of the special garlic sauce. The grilled lobster on the other hand wasn't as soft but the extra hint of smoky and grilled flavours did make it a touch more savoury. As usual the rocket salad was brilliantly done. Earthy and refreshing with just a tiny kick of bitterness. We really struggled at the end but due to the amazing and mouth watering quality of the lobster I managed to finish my half!
ready for the feast!
steamed lobster
grilled lobster

I really enjoyed the overall experience. I found the meat of the giant lobster is much better than the normal £20 offering. It has much more flavours, is a touch softer with extremely tender meat. Service was also excellent, friendly with great knowledge of the food. It was a wonderful experience but the only regret I had was I should have taken the shells and legs off the lobster to make some beautiful lobster soup the next day!

Food 7

Service 7
Ambience 7
Value 7

£80 with 2 cocktails

38-42 St John St, London EC1M 4AY

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