Thursday, 1 August 2013

Dirty Burger

Let's get dirty

After some painful experiences from the the overly hyped American burgers Five Guys and Shake Shark, I turned to local burgers once again in the form of Dirty Burger from Soho Group. Part of the same company behind Electric Diner and Pizza East, Dirty Burger gained a reputation of serving top quality "dirty" burgers in North London and now has a bit of a cult following. So to find out what is so "dirty" about their burger there is only one way to find out!
Let's get ready to get dirty...

Dirty Burger is located just behind Pizza East Kentish Town in a rather "ghetto" location and the décor is almost like something you see from a horror movie. But I guess that is part of the "dirty" factor right? The menu is very simple, cheese burger at £5.50 and sides of either chips and onion rings. You order your food at the till and wait for your numbers just like a canteen.
The décor
Dirty burgers and onion rings

So was it dirty? absolutely, but in a bloody good way! The patty was so juicy with robust and rich meaty flavours. Top seasoning with the salad struck a perfect balance of crispness to mellow out the bold flavours from the patty. The tasty meaty juice just went all over my hands and I felt extremely filthy with a big smile on my face. The onion rings were also well fried with well executed cracked pepper seasoning, that is how top class fast food should be and Dirty Burger totally delivered.
Dirty burger
Onion rings

To sum it up, Dirty Burger turned out to be better than expected, the burger definitely has a dirty factor with a wonderful juicy explosion. It is very different to my favourite burger joint Honest Burger but it was very good in a different way. Decent price with quality burgers, I can't complain at all. The only issue I have is that it is too far away from where I work or live!

PS they should totally play this song as their theme tune:D

Food 5
Ambience 6
Value 7

£11 per head

Rear, 79 Highgate Rd, London, Greater London NW5 1TL

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