Thursday, 1 August 2013

Sushi Tetsu

First class sushi experience in London

Sushi Tetsu is a tiny sushi bar in the city serving traditional style sushi, opened back in the summer of 2012 by a husband and wife team Toru and Harumi, it has becomes a hit with food critics, sushi fans and foodies alike. With only 7 seats in this sushi bar, it is a real mission to get a booking at this special place. Just to share my painful booking experience, I had 2 phones calling none stop for over 2 hours before I managed to get a booking! But it was all worth it as the evening was truly a memorable one.
Sushi Tetsu

We went for the Omakase menu which is a little like a tasting menu with a selection of sashimi followed by 7 pieces of nigiri sushi. The sashimi that impressed me the most was the sweet shrimp, the freshness and sweetness was just heavenly and reminded me a lot of all the great prawns I had in Barcelona. This was followed by a beautiful dish of mackerel, great robust flavours from the fish and lovely seasoning with a perfect balance of saltiness.

Up next is a selection of of nigiri one after another, all carved, hand rolled and seasoned by Toru in front of us. I failed to find one thing I didn't enjoy, Everything just melted in my mouth and the seasoning was top notch. I loved the natural sweetness from the sea bream, the semi soft texture from the razor clam and the richness from the salmon roe. Jumbo shrimp and fatty tuna roll were also excellent, lovely depth of flavours that not even Nobu can match.
sea bream
razor clam
salmon roe
jumbo shrimp
tuna roll
sweet omelette

Sushi Tetsu gave me the best sushi experience I've ever had in the UK, watching Toru working his magic behind the counter is like being in a theatre, everything was beautifully crafted with great attention to detail. Service was also top class, lead by the warm and charming front of house Harumi. Sushi Tetsu is right at the top when it comes to Japanese food in the UK, I wouldn't be surprised if they pick up a Michelin star this coming September. I had such a fabulous evening that I am more than happy to go through the booking process again with no hesitation. 

Food 7.5

Service 9
Ambience 8
Value 7

£90 per head with sakes and 1 beer

12 Jerusalem Passage  London, Greater London EC1V 4JP

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  1. I can't believe you managed to get a table! So jealous!

    We tried last month with no luck but you've made me more determined to try again!

    Tahira x

    1. It was a real mission! I never tried anything that hard in my life lol!!

    2. I know i had a few friends trying to call at the same time & still no luck!

      Good to see it was worth it though as the food looks amazing!