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Hung's Delicacies

Marinated feast

Hung's Delicacies, a Chinese restaurant in North Point is all about traditional "Lou mei". Lou mei is a Chinese way of marinating/braising different types of meat and is usually made up of soy sauces, sugar, five spices, ginger and all kinds of local spices. It is a popular way to use leftover cuts or animals internal organs as the richness of the stock can cover off the overly bitterness and earthiness of the cheap cuts. Hung's Delicacies is famous for championing "Lou mei" but using fine quality meat which had created a buzz among the media and it has gained itself a Michelin star.
Hung's Delicacies

The restaurant is tiny but we were lucky enough to manage to get a table after a few minutes of waiting. To start we opted for the Sichuan style cold peppery beef shank, finely sliced beef and prepared in the style of Sichuan cuisine with heavy use of spices. It was a very mellow dish but yet it was rich and flavoursome, not overly spicy, just the way it should be.
Sichuan style cold peppery beef shank

The signature dish: Marinated goose slice was as good as "lou mei" can get, the stock had lovely authentic aromas, the goose was well cooked and drew in all the sweetness and floral flavours from the stock, the meat was thinly sliced and had a fine texture, all resting on a layer of marinated warm bean curd, it was wonderfully executed. Marinated pork neck and layered pork intestine in aspic was also very pleasant, the pork intestine had a lovely tender and smooth texture with just the right level of earthiness.  
Marinated goose slice
 Marinated pork neck and intestine with rice

I really enjoyed the food at Hung's Delicacies, it was well executed and no trace of artificial flavours which far too many places are doing, as the stock for "lou mei" isn't easy to get right. But service is of a pretty low standard, as soon as you finish the food the waiters would expect you to pay the bill and leave. (Which is quite common in Hong Kong in a value but popular eatery, but not to my liking.) Go there to experience quality "lou mei" but do expect to be in and out of the place in less than an hour.   

Food 6

Service 2
Ambience 2
Value 6

£10 per head

Shop 4, G/F, Ngan Fai Building, 84-94 Wharf Road, North Point, Hong Kong

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