Friday, 24 January 2014


Cocktails in the sky

Located on top of The Ritz Carlton Hotel inside the International Commerce Centre, Ozone is the tallest bar in the world as of writing with a stunning view of the Kowloon harbour and Hong Kong island. On my Christmas Eve visit, there was a fashion show running called "Be Glamour" as part of the hotel's Christmas Eve party, provided by designer/singer Brigitte Da Silva. It was a mixture of fashion and music showcasing her latest design with jazz songs performed by Brigitte Da Silva herself.

I sat at the open terrace outside the main bar overlooking the lovely view while placing my orders, I wasn't so sure if the cocktails were going to be any good as all I read about Ozone is how great the design and the views are and never about the drinks itself. But I didn't need to worry, Champagne Mojito using vodka instead of rum and topping it off with rose champagne proved to be a real winner with its fresh and bitter dryness. The Basilic, a gin cocktail using fresh herbs was also solid, basil, apple, lemongrass and yuzu with a basil foam, lovely presentation and full of herbal aroma. I finished off the evening with the Vanilla Sky: Bourbon Whiskey, Talisker 10, vanilla and pear, a smoky old fashioned style cocktail, the bitter sweet taste was a perfect way to end the evening.

My visit to the Ozone turned out to be a fantastic experience, it is very different to your usual hotel bars that is for sure, with very modern and edgy decor with a feel almost like a night club in Mayfair. Cocktails here are also creative, along with a killer view, Ozone is definitely a destination if you ever visit Hong Kong.

118 International Commerce Centre / The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, 1 Austin Rd W, Hong Kong

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