Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Salvation in Noodles

Vietnamese noodles joint

Salvation in Noodles aka SIN is a newly opened restaurant serving Vietnamese noodles and street food located in Dalston, north London. Unlike other Vietnamese restaurants such as Cay Tre, SIN has a rather small menu and is focusing on the regional noodle dishes that is still a pretty new territory in the London dining scene. As a keen foodie that always enjoy exploring, I headed off to SIN on a fine Friday evening to seek some classic Vietnamese noodles.
Salvation in Noodles

SIN's decor is very much Vietnamese cafe alike and judging from the pricing and setting, I was pretty sure the business model is to have customers eat in and out in under an hour for a high volume turnover. I ordered some sharing dishes to start off the dinner and I noticed the bold flavours on all of the dishes. I found the "goi ngo sen" salad stood out from the rest with its depth of citrus and acidity tones from the pickled lotus steams, carrot and daikon, it was very refreshing and it really woke up my palate for more savoury dishes.
shredded chicken, herbs with black sesame crackers
pickled lotus steams, carrot and daikon
pork and mushroom spring rolls
crab noodle soup with prawn and pork belly
beef brisket and pork in hot a spicy lemongrass soup

Bun bo hie, aka beef brisket and pork in hot and spicy lemongrass soup was very pleasant and really showcased the fine quality of soup noodle. The soup was cooked for 24 hours using pork and beef bones as well as other Vietnamese seasoning, very rich in taste but not challenging at the same time. The soup had a lovely depth of herbal and meaty aromas and I personally enjoyed it far more than any of the Japanese ramen I tasted in London such as ShoryuOverall it was a great discovery, SIN's offering was fun and refreshing and I would love to return in the near future to try out other items on the menu.

Food 5
Service 4
Ambience 4
Value 5

£23 per head with a beer

122 Balls Pond Road N1 4AE

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