Saturday, 29 March 2014


The B Rex special

Byron knows how to make a proper hamburger and that is nothing new, the fine quality meat it uses as well as the simple and fresh garnish results in some of the finest burgers you can get in London. What I really love is they always come up with some amazing monthly special to keep the burger fans interested, the Triple Cheesemas special I had back in late 2013 was pure heaven and can easily stand toe to toe with my favourite burger joint, honest burger.

This time around I went to my local Byron and ordered the B Rex special as well as trying their courgette fries for the first time. Just like the name suggested, the B Rex was a real beast and perhaps one of the tallest burgers I have encountered. It had a giant onion ring, good number of slice, wonderfully smoked crispy bacon with some fine American cheese. Not much of a fan of JalapeƱos peppers normally, but when its served with BBQ sauce and mayonnaise, it reduced the intensive spices level and worked really well with the beef patty. The courgette fries was also surprisingly pleasant, sweet and fresh with a golden crispy clothing, as good as any vegetable tempura you would find in a decent Japanese restaurant in London. Yet another solid burger time at Byron, can't wait to see what they have got in store next for their next special.

Food 5.5
Service 5
Ambience 5
Value 7

£18 per head with a beer

various locations

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