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Ramon Freixa Madrid

Luxurious dining

Ramón Freixa Madrid

Located in the posh district of Madrid, Ramon Freixa is a 2 stars Michelin restaurant inside the 5 star boutique hotel Unico. The19th century palace style setting of the hotel plus the limited space and fancy entrance of the restaurant gave the place a very exclusive and posh vibe to it, with only 7 tables in the main dining room and a private dining room. Found by Ramon Freixa, a heavy weight chef from Barcelona who won countless awards including the title of Grand Chef from the prestigious Relais & Châteaux.

El estudio tomate 2014
roasted meats canelonni with mushroom & green asparagus

A serious of canapés kicked off the menu and I wan instantly in love with Ferrero de foie, a golden Ferrero lookalike foie gras "chocolate" with a luxurious creamy texture. Moving on was tomato served in 4 different ways, this clearly showed off the chef's creativity and techniques of what he can do. I enjoyed the frozen tomato with a lovely cool and herbal taste the most, also impressing me was the stale tomato heart with Idiazadbal cheese and stuffed onion. two very different strong flavours but working together brilliantly.

roasted red mullet on pine paper
confit suckling pig, beer cherry, cauliflower 
The weakest dish on the night was the roasted red mullet, for me it lacked seasoning and the refinement, while the presentation was impressive, the taste failed to live up to expectations, in fact the side dishes that came with it were a lot better in the foie and cured yolk with squid, big on flavours and well balanced on the palate. The final savoury dish was the confit sucking pig and it was just purely world class. It was by far the strongest pork dish I've ever encountered, it was stunning. Desserts was a mixed bags with nothing particularly standing out.
chocolate with gold and saffron

The overall quality of the meal was very solid but I also feel it could be better given the reputation of the restaurant. The creativity and forward thinking of the cooking was refreshing but also didn't always work for me which resulted in a little bit of inconsistency. However when it does work it was just pure class and some dishes were absolutely amazing. Service was also world class as I would expect from a Relais & Châteaux brand inside a 5 star hotel.

Food 4/5

Head chef: 
Ignacio Agüeros

What I paid: 
£145 per head with 3 glasses of wine

Average cost without drinks and services :
£81 tasting menu

Calle de Claudio Coello, 67, 28001 Madrid, Spain

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