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Simple Italian

salmon and prawn with fregola pasta, tomato and herb

L'Amorosa is an interesting opening near where I work, formerly a restaurant/cafe called Lola and Simon, already a popular choice for the locals. It was brought by Andy Needham earlier this year who was ex-head chef of the highly regarded Italian restaurant Zafferano, former Michelin starred and where Giorgio Locatelli used to operated before Andy took over as head chef. Having eaten at Lola and Simon a couple of times in the past, I was keen to see what changes Andy had done.

rump steak with roast new potatoes, tomato & red onion salad

I went in to try out its new lunch menu for my lunch break, as time was short we only ordered mains at £9 each, the salmon and prawn fregola pasta was cooked wonderfully, the pasta had a beautiful soft and smooth texture which is not easy to get right. Rump steak with roast potato and salad again hit home with its great use of classic combinations, tender steak with sweet and fresh taste of green salad to contrast the robust flavour of the meat. The dishes really showed the great understanding the kitchen has in Italian food, good ingredients with the perfect level of seasoning and dressing, nothing fancy but totally delivering in taste. I would sure like to to visit L'Amorosa more often.

Food 3/5

Executive chef: 
Andy Needham

What I paid: 
£10 per head

Average cost without drinks and services:
£16.50 lunch menu
£25 dinner menu

278 king street W6 0SP London

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