Wednesday, 20 May 2015

AeroDynamic Party

Monkey Shoulder Social Club

When it comes to a unique whisky brand, I can't think of a better one other than Monkey Shoulder, it is not a blended Scotch or a single malt, but a triple blended malt whisky from one of the most iconic drink companies in the world, William Grants and Son. The special triple malt production method gives Monkey Shoulder a smoothness but a richness at the same time which works extremely well in a cocktail. This leads to some fun and innovative cocktail recipe creations.

They also know how to throw a party aka The Monkey Shoulder Social Club, instead of the usual cocktail with club music event that you would see from other drink brands, Monkey Shoulder always manages to come up with something creative and original which makes it very exciting and spectacular. This time it was a theme called "AeroDynamic Party", a cocktail in the sky experience in a jumpsuit! Guests were given the chance to have a real "sky diving" experience with clouds and wind blowing left and right while having their picture taken.

Out of the two cocktails on the night, 'Aviator' was truly sensational, a modern take on the famous Manhattan cocktail, with the Dubonnet making it a very dry but sweet aperitif drink. It was another very enjoyable social club, if you love whisky and parties, keep a close eye on up coming social club dates. It's the kind of place you go to, to experience something new. To try something different. To let your hair down. It's a series of events for the young at heart but who are savvy with their choices. It's a night of fun, frivolity and downright tasty Scotch cocktails.

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