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Chick n' Sours

Awesome chicks

Chick n' Sours

Fried chicken, yet another fast food item that has been given a premium makeover. We have a good number of fried chicken themed restaurants popping up left and right lately in London and Chick n' Sours is one of the latest ones riding the trend. Located in Dalston, Chick n' Sours is all about serving free range chicken sourced from quality suppliers and a wide choice of sour based cocktails, I am a massive fan of sour cocktails, the simple combination of sugar, citrus, egg white and spirit can be so heavenly when it is mixed with the right balance.

Whiskey sour
disco wings

The rye and black, a whiskey based sour using American rye whiskey (the classic choice) was expertly done, the red wine syrup was the major difference and it added a mild depth of fruity finishing to the cocktail. The main event of fried chicken was really something. The house chicken tasted a lot like a supreme version of the KFC, the batter was sensational, really well seasoned and very crispy but not oily at the same time. And the meat was very moist and smooth. Even better was the guest fry, the Thai inspired dressing really offset the richness of the chicken and gave the dish a clean and fresh taste.

house fried chicken
guest fried chicken

I was really impressed with the food at Chick n' Sours, it was in fact a lot better than I was expecting, at first I feared it was another fried chicken joint dishing up average chicken with a hipster makeover but I was so wrong. Instead, I had some of the finest fried chicken in London, and the cocktails were also excellent. Chick n' Sours should become one of the hottest East London places very soon, judging from some good PR work already in place with a full house on Tuesday night.

Food 3/5

What I paid: 

£21pp with a cocktail

Average cost without drinks and services:


390 Kingsland Road, London E8 4AA

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