Monday, 25 May 2015


Half empty or half full?

Bird, Kingsland Road

One of the hottest food trends in London lately has to be the fried chicken, it is such a popular comfort food that has no boundaries in any culture. Fried chicken itself has been given a gourmet treatment from the likes of Jubo and Lockhart with more premium fried chicken joints launching, such as Chick & SoursBird, a fried chicken restaurant on Kingsland Road champions high quality free range fried chicken and I was keen to see if their chicken can really justify the premium price tag. They also offer a good selection of beer and a very tempting doughnut menu.

honey and ginger glazes, 8 pieces and 4 wings
house slaw

We went for the "whole bird" which contained 8 pieces of chicken and 4 wings. I opted for the honey and ginger glazes and I must say it worked really well with the lovely crispy skin, the chicken pieces were well seasoned and not too salty, definitely a big improvement if you compare it to KFC, but my main problem was the inconsistency of the meat, some were really tender and some were really dry so I wondered if the pieces we had weren't that fresh and got mixed up with the fresh batches. For a premium chicken joint, this really shouldn't happen. Overall a nice and trendy concept, but some room for improvement.

Food 2/5

What I paid: 

£18 pp with a bottle of beer

Average cost without drinks and services:


42-44 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DA

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