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Shoryu Ramen

Ramen in the City

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Shoryu as a ramen chain has grown at a pretty fast pace, now 5 branches strong with its latest joint located at the Broadgate Circle, a brand new developed dining hub at the heart of the City. This shows the confidence by Shoryu as I am sure the rent of such a prime location is going to be sky high. I visited there on bank holiday with a 50% off ramen promotion. I think the marketing team behind Shoryu got the strategy spot on as the place was jam packed while all other restaurants were half empty, as you can imagine the City can be a very quite place at the weekends.

Wagyu Beef Yakiniku Shoryu Bun

We all went for the Kotteri Hakata Tonkotsu, a traditional ramen that's cooked with 12 hours long broth using pork bone. The pork was off dry but tasted wonderful with the rich, creamy and powerful broth, the nitamago egg was cooked to perfection, still having a runny yolk and along with the fresh sesame made this a very mouth watering flavoursome bowl of ramen. The failure of the day was by far the wagyu beef Yakiniku Shoryu bun, the so called "wagyu" beef was very tasteless and all lost within the sweet daikon dressing, at £8.50 a bun, it was very much a rip off to me, I wonder can it fool the city workers who sometime have more money than sense.

Kotteri Hakata Tonkotsu

The ramen improved a lot from its early days, in fact I think it can now pretty much stand toe to toe with Bone Daddies and not far off from Kanada Ya. But the side dishes are still very questionable, I had some very average sides last time and this time was no different. And one would question can Shoryu maintain the quality while expanding at such a rapid rate. Finally a massive shout out to the assistant manager on the day, very professional with a very down to earth and heart warming hospitality skill, which is all too rare these days in a chain restaurant, respect.

Food 2/5

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33 Broadgate Circle London EC2M 2QS

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