Monday, 12 September 2016

El Huevo Frito

High standard pintxos

El Huevo Frito

While on my trip to Bilbao, on my must do list, of course, was to try out some of the hottest pintxos bars. You can hardly find any pintxos bars in London and usually they lack quality, so I was really excited to finally to get a chance to try the real deal. El Huevo Frito was right in the heart of the city centre, a tiny bar specialising in egg based pintxos. Even during midday early hours, it was filled with locals, surrounded buzzing atmosphere whilst many other places nearby were half empty, which indicated it was a quality place.

quail eggs and prawns pintxos

Like most other pintxos bars, there were no table service and you order by the bar. The quail egg and ham pintxo was outstanding, both the yolk and ham had a melt in your mouth texture and at 2 Euro a piece, that was really outstanding value for money. The freshness of the cod pintxos was excellent and I really enjoyed the sweetness and mild sour tone that was offered by the dressing. Even the mini burger was of a high standard, the seasoning was spot on and the only let down was that it was cold as it has been left on the bar for a while.

Mini burger, cod and Croquetas pintxos

El Huevo Frito was a great discovery, I really enjoyed the pintxos as they were done generally well and above other pintxos I have tried elsewhere in Bilbao. This place was usually very busy so it was best to arrive either late afternoon or early evening as it had very limited space. The barmen spoke enough basic English and was friendly enough, what was great was no matter how busy it is, you won't be rush to leave your table and that was one of the beauty of the Basque culture. Overall, a top pintxos bar one that you should try if you ever visit Bilbao. 

Food 3/5

What I paid: 

£23 per head with a cocktail

Average cost without drinks and services:


García Rivero Maisuaren Kalea, 1, 48011 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain

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