Monday, 12 September 2016

Gure Toki

Modern basque cuisine

Gure Toki

Gure Toki is located right in the heart of the Plaza Nueva in the Old Town area of Bilbao. This modern pintxos bar has been given a high level of recommendation and praises since it was relaunched in 2015. The best thing about this pintxo bar was that the dishes on the menu were cooked to order (you could still order pre-made pintxo by the bar), also the cooking definitely had a modern factor, with things such as tempura and curry being used in its dishes. 

Grilled Txistorra
Crab Tempura

The Galician style octopus was a smart hit, the octopus was soft and tender with the classic light dust of paprika, it really brought out the freshness to life. Gure Toki was renowned for its scallop pintxos and it was easy to understand why, it was cooked to perfection, sweet and moist with the curry breadcrumbs, it added a delightful mild sweet and spicy tone to the finish. The grilled Txistorra, a Basque style cured sausages had a really robust flavour which a normal chorizo couldn't match and was very enjoyable with the given bread.

Scallop with Potatoes in a Curry Breadcrumbs Bed
Fried Calamari
Grilled Octopus

The food at Gure Toki was superb, it was simple whilst delivering lovely rich flavours and demonstrated the essence of Basque cuisine. The seafood dishes particularly stood out for me, together with the lively ambience and friendly staff. I would more than happy to return if I ever visit Bilbao again. On a side note, there is a small indoor as well as outdoor seating by the bar if the traditional bar snacking and drinking style isn't your cup of tea or if you are with kids, so Gure Toki is pretty ideal for any type of customers.

Food 3/5

What I paid: 

£20 per head with a beer

Average cost without drinks and services:


Gure Toki, Nueva Plaza, 12, Bilbao, Spain

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