Monday, 12 September 2016


Prime ingredients tasting

Spider crab in corn stew

Mina is a Michelin starred restaurant located in the Old Town area of Bilbao, overlooking the river and the famous Ribera market. The restaurant has a rather modern charm with funky stairs leading to the main dining space. It has 8 counter seating facing the kitchen which is great if you want to engage with the chefs and wanting to find out more about their creation. The cooking is very modern and use very high quality ingredients from local regions. The restaurant only offers tasting menu so unless you are open to try new and experimental things, Mina might not be ideal for you.

Oyster, gin and citric
Mussels in lemongrass, coconut and spicy tomato
Smoked txitxarro, cauliflower and cider
Bream with olive emulsion
Black cheese, mushroom and crunchy chicken
Aubergine, red tea and white prawn
Begihaundi risotto

The raw Gillardeau oyster was truly irresistible, it had a wonderful creamy taste of the sea while the gin added grassy and peppery tone to the dish, it was almost like a pre-dinner cocktail in food form. The bream was presented like sashimi and simply dressed with olive emulsion, the freshness was second to none with a trace of lovely nuttiness. The begihaundi in risotto form showcased the kitchen's flair and great understanding of flavours, the squid was silkily smooth and pleasantly sweet, it is one of the best dishes on the night. The meaty roasted monkfish was moist and well seasoned, the combination of herbs veloute and lemon offered balance and lightness, it was a really well balanced dish.

White tuna in toasted broth
Blood, picked cabbage and coffee
Roasted monkish, herbs veloute, lemon
Grilled sweetbread, beetroot, coffee
"The sea"
Apple pie

14 courses later, I could hardly walk back to my hotel but it was very satisfying. Mina's cooking is about fresh and prime ingredients. Those really showed in the cooking, there aren't a great deal of fancy elements but the flavours were very impactful indeed and totally deserves its Michelin star rating.The service on the day was also excellent, very engaging and took care of our food allergy with new dishes without any fuss. 

Food 4/5

What I paid: 

£127 per head with 2 glasses of wine

Average cost without drinks and services:


Muelle Marzana, 48003 Bilbao, Spain

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