Sunday, 1 September 2019

Quo Vadis

Modern British with a European touch

Vol au vent of cod, mussels & sea vegetables

Located on Dean Street, Quo Vadis is one of the most historic sites in Soho. The upstairs members' only space is a popular joint for people in the trade to hang out or conduct businesses. The ground floor space is headed up by chef Jeremy Lee, a former Great British Chef winner, and a highly respected figure among the chef network. His modern British cuisine is all about taking classic recipes with a fresh makeover to create something extremely flavoursome but truly remain the British essence. I returned for my second time to try out its summer a la carte menu.

Smoked eel sandwich
Octopus, artichokes, celery, lemon & herbs

For my starter, I opted for the octopus and artichokes, it hed really intense seasoning from a range of herbs and sea vegetables, along with a touch of lemon juice, which really woke up my taste bud. The octopus was tender and I really enjoyed the addition of celery to add a touch of freshness and crunchiness to the dish. Up next, was a really interesting French-inspired dish of cod cooked in a vol au vent pastry. The cod was cooked and seasoned well, and the pastry was crispy and not oily at all. The killer mussel sauce acted like gravy and merged every ingredient in the dish in a wonderful manner. The side dish of Cuor di Vesuvio tomato salad had great seasoning, but the tomato itself was not as sweet as it could have been. Which is a shame as it was really hyped up from many fellow bloggers.

Rabbit, mustard, tomato, bacon
Pastachio tart

My dinner at Quo Vadis was very enjoyable, it showcased some fresh thinking in both concepts and tastes. The mixture of European influences, mainly from France and Italy, has uplifted a wider range of flavours. However, from looking at each dish, everything looked simple without over the top, fine dining presentation. It still had that old school British plating element and that is what I think made Quo Vadis so special. Sometimes when you have good ingredients, handled with care by a great chef, is all you need for a proper quality meal.

Food 3/5

Average cost without drinks and services:


29 Dean St, Soho, London W1D 3LL

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