Sunday, 11 October 2020

Park Chinois

 The peak of Chinese fine dining in the UK

Hida wagyu stir fry rice

Since I have discovered Park Chinois 2 years ago, I have become a massive fan and have since dined there 8 times. I have pretty much eaten its entire menu, from set lunch, dim sum to luxurious dinner dishes such as whole lobster and Peking duck. The beauty about the cooking here is no matter if it is just a basket of classic dim sum or a plate of wagyu, everything is done in such a refined manner, putting classic Chinese cooking in center stage and deliver exceptional Chinese fine dining experience. For my 9th visit, I was lucky enough to be given a bespoke 8-course banquet-style, and I just know it was going to be a really special evening.

Abalone and dried scallops soup

Steamed king crab in aged rice wine

Stir fry red shrimps and dried shrimps

My no1 dish at Park Chinois has always been the steamed king crab in Chinese rice wine with noodle sheet, and this time I sampled an alternative version of it with the crab leg wrapped in a smooth rice noodle roll. The crab was sweet with the wine really uplifted the umami and freshness of the dish, truly stunning. The Peking duck at Park Chinois hands down is the best you can get in the UK, some of the crispy skins are as thick as 5mm, with an explosion of flavors once you bite into it. Forget about the pancake roll and hoisin sauce, the duck is so good that it is already exceptional on its own. The salt-baked chicken was another top-level dish, served in a thick chicken broth unlike the classic version, the savory aroma and taste were second to none, extremely tender and moist. Last but not least was the Hida wagyu stir fry rice, the beef had a melting texture and the rice itself was done perfectly with just the right seasoning and chewy texture, the rice alone was insanely good.

Wild seabass with radish

Peking duck

Salt baked chicken

Once again, I had another top-notch meal at Park Chinois, it showcased plenty of traditional Chinese cooking technique with a bold, wonderful end result. Don't let the live music and performances overshadowed your judgment, the food alone itself is worth the visit as the cooking is of such a high standard. Park Chinois is easily the best fine dining Chinese restaurant in the UK, and it is going to hard for any other places come close to that level.

Food 4.5/5

Average cost without drinks and services:


17 Berkeley St, Mayfair, London W1J 8EA

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