Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Bone Daddies

Ramen champion

I returned to Bone Daddies after almost 1 year since I last visited, out of the three ramen joints ( The other two being Shoryu and Tonkotsu) which opened at similar times in Soho, I found Bone Daddies just had that extra edge when it comes to the use of stock and texture of the ramen. There were also a selection of interesting small plates, such as the chasu pork and corn croquette. The soft shell crab was also excellent, not overly dry with rich flavours that contrasted it with the green chilli ginger sauce.
Bone Daddies
soft shell crab 
Dipping ramen 
T22 with soy ramen, chicken, cock scratchings
Kimchee ramen

Dipping ramen is the perfect ramen dish for summer, served cold with spring onion and chashu pork, the grilled chashu pork was easily the best I've tasted in any Japanese restaurant in London while the hot chicken bone broth was rich and blessed with lovely savoury flavours. The Kimchee ramen was powerful and bold in taste with a Korean touch: prawns, mussels and chilli in a hot and spicy fish broth, definitely not for the light hearted. Bone Daddies doesn't do classic, it is all about ramen dishes with creative elements which make it stand out above the rest, with an edgy and contemporary setting which proves to be a very successful formula. 

Food 5
Service 4
Ambience 6
Value 6

£24 pp

31 Peter St, London, Greater London W1F 0AR

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