Monday, 25 August 2014

Patty & Bun

The winger dinner

1 year on, I returned to Patty & Bun due to my limited time and had to settle for something quick in Marylebone. I walked past Patty & Bun and there were no queue so I decided to give it a 3rd chance. I actually had an awful time from my 2nd visit but perhaps it could only improve after 1 year and at a less busy time. I went for the infamous ‘Winger Winger Chicken Dinner' and it was fast food at its finest, the flavour of the sweet smoked BBQ sauce was perfect, just as was the nicely deep fried confit wings. Not too dry and freshened up by some spring onions. 

BBQ wings and thunder thighs
Monthly special
Smoky Robinson

I also had the chance to try out the thunder thighs aka chicken thighs with jalapeno butter sauces, it was mildly spicy with a rather thick texture, the portion was big and it could have been a main on its own. The 'smoky Robinson burger' was a big improvement from one year ago, the mixture of garnishes were flavorsome and had a great balance, however the meat itself was a touch lower in quality compared to Honest Burger. Overall it was by far a much more pleasant experience and the confit wings truly were some of the finest wings in London, I can't get enough of it.

Food 3.5

Service 4
Ambience 3
Value 3

£20 per head with a beer

54 James St, Marylebone

London, UK W1U 1EU

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  1. It's not obvious what your scores are marked out of. Five? Ten? Perhaps it would be useful if you indicated such.

    1. Hi mate, it is out of 10.
      Thanks for the tip and dropping by. Cheers