Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Ledbury


In the space of a few weeks, I returned again to The Ledbury for a fifth visit to try its tasting menu after one of the finest set lunch experiences in London. Voted the 10th best restaurant in the world and holder of two Michelin stars, The Ledbury is the very best that London has to offer and I was very excited to go back and experience how the tasting menu had developed over the year.

tomato, pineapple, datterio, cheese and green tomato juice

A selection of canapes were introduced just like the set lunch menu before the actual tasting menu kicked in, the signature dish flame grilled mackerel with pickled cucumber kept on delivering just like a year ago, the fish itself was seasoned to perfection and the richness and balance of flavours was just spot on. The native lobster with cauliflower was a lobster dish at its finest, it was fresh and surprisingly worked wonders with the earthy profile of the shiitake.

 flame grilled mackerel with pickled cucumber
hand dived scallops, shiitake and sherry
native lobster with cauliflower
jowl of pork, carrots, girolles and crackling

The best dish on the day by far was the breast and confit leg of pigeon, the meat was so moist and tender, lovely richness from the breast while the leg had a lovely smoky aroma and crispy texture. The baked beetroots and the fruity blackcurrant leaves worked extremely well together with the meat, and it was easily the best meat dish I've ever eaten in London. The dessert of strawberry tart was beautifully presented, the pastry work was excellent, the honey cream and strawberries ice cream had a lovely balance of sourness and sweetness. The desserts at The Ledbury took a very different approach compared to my previous visits but I really liked what I both saw and tasted.

breast and confit leg of pigeon, beetroots, lardo and gin
strawberries tart
brown sugar tart with stem ginger ice cream
black cherries
petit four

The tasting menu at The Ledbury was seriously good, in fact the cooking was the best I've yet to experience in London so far this year and I am so pleased that Brett Graham just kept on producing the goods and taking it to the next level with playful elements and creativity. Price wise the tasting menu did cost over the £100 mark but in return you are getting pretty much the best food you can get in London and that totally justifies its cost. Cooking, service, ambience, The Ledbury ticks all the boxes, truly exceptional.

Food 5/5

Executive chef: 
Brett Graham

What I paid: 
£140 with 1 glass of wine

Average cost without drinks and services:
Lunch menu: £50
Tasting menu: £115

27 Ledbury Rd, London W11 2AQ

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