Friday, 15 August 2014

Cafe Football

Football and food??

Cafe Football is a fun concept opened by former footballers from Manchester United. It is basically serving food that you would love to eat but in a creative and more refined manor while watching a game. I walked passed it and decided to give the place a go, largely due to being a big fan of MU and I'd heard the menu concept was put together by Michelin starred chef Michael Wignall from The Latymer, so surely it couldn't be that bad.
Cafe Football

My daily special "offside burger" was basically a beef burger with Mediterranean elements, deep fried mozzarella with olives and chorizo. It was surprisingly pleasant with all the ingredients working really well together, the earthiness and the creaminess of the cheese blended in nicely with the peppery and smoky notes of the chorizo. The single let down I guess was the beef itself as the quality was just not there when it comes to the taste.
Asian ribs
Offside Burger

In the end I found the food at Cafe Football is not a great deal in different in quality if I compared to some of the better chains. But the ideas are there and price wise it is just about right. But I couldn't help but to to think the ingredients could be a little better, take the burger for example, if that concept is taken by places such as Byron or Honest Burger, I can see it can take it to another level due to the superior use of base ingredients.

Food 3
Service 3
Ambience 4
Value 4

£18 per head with a soft drink

146 The Street Westfield Stratford, London, E20 1EN

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