Thursday, 5 March 2015


Ssam time

Jubo, photo from management

Jubo is one of my favourite Korean restaurants in London, the New York inspired K cuisine is just the perfect place for a large group of friends at an affordable price. Rivington Street itself is full of some top quality cocktail bars such as Nola and Callooh Callay so Jubo itself is a an ideal place for eating out for either pre or post drinking sessions. 

KFC dinner

I went back to try the last item on the menu that I have yet to taste and that was the pork belly ssam. It was very impressive when it arrived on our table, 1kg of slow roasted pork belly piled on a bed of garlic and red onions on a boiling hot giant pan. The pork was well seasoned and still very tender, a selection of garnish that came with it gave the diners different eating experiences with the ssam. I especially enjoyed the pork wrapped in little gems with just a dash of sesame oil and kimchi, the nutty and spicy elements of the rich flavour was well balanced off with the freshness of the gems. 

pork belly ssam
like a mountain

The portion was far too big for the five of us to finish it off, not to mention we did have the chicken dinner platter as our starter, and the soy garlic chicken strips were so flavoursome and just as good as it was from last visit before Xmas. If you are a meat and spicy food lover, Jubo is the kind of place you would fall in love with, quality casual food in a relaxing and lively setting in Shoreditch, a proper hipster joint.

Food 3/5

Head chef: 


What I paid: 
£27 per head with a cocktail

Average cost without drinks and services:


68 Rivington Street London, UK EC2A 3AU

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