Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Ledbury

London's finest


This is my 7th visit to The Ledbury, the reason for me to keep returning is simple: For me, this double Michelin stars restaurant is the best in London. The cooking is truly exquisite and blessed with luxurious and wonderful tastes, and the service is also some of the finest I have ever encountered in my entire life, this is truly a very special restaurant. For the first time I went for the a la carte four course option instead of the usual tasting menu.

chantilly of oyster, tartare sea bream, English wasabi
violet artichokes, duck ham, grapes, sorrel and foie gras

My starter of violet artichokes had a very interesting ingredients combination, never in my head did I think that ham, grapes, artichokes and foie gras would work together but it did just that, every mouthful had a delightful taste of sweet, earthy and tangy flavours to which slowly developed on your palate. Rabbit shoulder was easily the very best piece of rabbit cooking I have ever experienced, the meat was so moist and sweet which worked wonders with the smooth and semi bitter taste of the celery and lentil puree.

Hampshire buffalo milk curd, truffle toast
and wild mushroom broth
rabbit shoulder, lentil puree, celery and chanterelles
jowl of pork, parsnip butter, black truffle

The jowl of pork dish keeps getting a little twist every time when I visit, the pork was super tender and the moisture was greatly enhanced with the parsnip butter, topped with a good amount of earthy black truffle. Oh and how can I forget the legendary pigeon: The Ledbury style. This time it was served with morels and earl grey tea, the bitter and grassy note of the garnishes went exceptionally well with the masterfully cooked aged pigeon breast and even better was the pigeon heart which was loaded with very rich and powerful meaty flavours.

aged pigeon, onion cooked on sourdough,
morels and Earl Grey tea
olive oil cake, blood orange, white chocolate and tea
brown sugar tart, cocoa and coffee, ginger ice cream

It was yet another exceptional menu at The Ledbury, top food and and top service and I just couldn't really find any fault at all. But in Brett's view, it is still work in progress, he continually seeks as to how the place can be improved and I absolutely salute his willingness and determination. On a final note, I would recommend the tasting menu over the a la carte, because for a little more, you would be able to experience the full package of The Ledbury and one not to be missed.

Food 5/5

Executive chef: 
Brett Graham

What I paid: 
£101 per head with 1 glass of wine

Average cost without drinks and services:

Lunch menu: £50
Tasting menu: £115

27 Ledbury Rd, London W11 2AQ


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