Friday, 6 November 2015


Premium craft food and drink

Treat your family and friends something special this Xmas. Shop on Craved, an online retailer specialising in premium craft food and drink. Craved was born out of a love for food, drink and Bermondsey. Some the most interesting small batch foods are in made the area: Jensen Gin, England Preserves, The London Honey Company and Anspach & Hobday beers, to name a few. Craved is a curator that seeks outs and finds the latest and tastiest concoctions in the country. Craved only sell products that they have tasted, debated, and fallen in love with. The producers they selected are a conscientious lot who work hard to use only natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced. Two of my personal favourite producers from Craved:

Blackwoods Cheese Company: 

Blackwoods Cheese Company was set up by three friends- David, Rory and Tim- who wanted to start a micro dairy together in London. All their cheeses are handcrafted using only organic raw milk from the Commonwork farm in Bore Place, Kent. The company's signature cheese is the Graceburn, a unique cream cow's milk cheese marinated in herbs and oil and reminiscent of feta.

Crown and Queue Meats: 

After working in the food industry for 16 years, Adrienne decided she wanted to put something of her own out there. Adrienne now specializes in making cured meats inspired by classic British dishes. She makes everything herself in a process that she devised to bring out the very best flavours her meats have to offer. She sources everything carefully, personally visiting all of the farms before she decides to work with them, and uses local ingredients for flavour. Despite the fact that most cured meats are made using recipes made centuries ago, Adrienne devises recipes on her own, paying homage to British cuisine.

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