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Comforting hot bowl

tonkotsu ramen

Nothing beats a good bowl of hot ramen in the winter, this classic Japanese street food item had become a rather trendy eating concept for the past few years in the UK, with Bone Daddies one of the pioneers to kick off the "London ramen revolution". Muga on Panton street was opened in the summer, unlike most other ramen joints elsewhere in London, Muga is all about sticking to the traditional methods. On the night of my visit, everywhere else were Japanese apart from my party of two, this is a good indication to show Muga is the real deal and as authentic as you can get in London.

Yaki gyoza
fried chicken

The Yaki gyoza was fairly decent, the grilled chicken was still moist on the inside and the dumpling pastry was at just the right thickness. I had mixed feeling for the charshu pork fried rice, the saltiness of the slow cooked pork really enhanced the fried rice but perhaps it was a touch too oily. My tonkotsu ramen was of a great standard, prepared right in front of you, behind the bar with such a strong and rich savoury aroma. The ramen had a smooth texture to it which worked nicely with the broth, all the classic ramen garnishes were also nicely presented.
charshu pork fried rice
shoyu ramen

The ramen at Muga was pretty solid, I quite enjoyed eating by the bar, watching the chefs cooking and deliver your order to you. But there is also a downstairs dining seating if sitting by the bar isn't your cup of tea. Price was also very good value for money, with all ramens all under a tenner unless you want to go an extra mile to turning it into a super size bowl. Another great thing about the ramen here is they all deliver with the full package, as I found so many ramen joints out there charge you extra for any other garnishes which you would normally expect from a classic bowl of ramen. Overall a lovely little ramen bar, I would be more than happy to revisit.

Food 2.5/5

What I paid: 

£13 pp

Average cost without drinks and services:

£ 15 pp 

 5 Panton St, London SW1Y 4DL

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