Monday, 16 November 2015

Noob's XO Cognac Xmas gift guide

Nothing can beat a fine a bottle of XO Cognac as a super premium and classy Xmas gift, treat someone special with these special Cognac...

1) Delamain Vesper XO

A 100% Grande Champagne Cognac, matured in well seasoned Limousin oak casks (350L). Roundness, body, length, maturity and mellowness. Lovely aroma of perfumes and fragrance. Taste: Scents of underwood, dry vine shoots, vanilla (rancio). Finish: Fullness, maturity, extreme mellowness. Intense fruitiness.
RPP: £120

2) Frapin VIP XO

Old amber gold in colour, this XO quality Frapin enriched with very old brandies combines the age, roundness, bouquet and finesse characteristic of very old Champagne cognac distilled over lees. This exceptional cognac reaches its optimum balance after ageing for several decades. It comes in a carafe, a reproduction of a sixteenth-century bottle in extra-clear glass, decorated with a gold frieze at the bottom and topped off with a cap gilded with fine carat gold.
RPP: £150

3) Camus Borderies XO

The eaux-de-vie used to make this Cognac have an astounding aromatic intensity and a remarkable velvety texture. Produced mainly from the most prized vines in the Domaines Camus estate, the wine is distilled on the lees before its long ageing in oak barrels. Each step in the ageing process has contributed to and enhanced the already rich and complex aromatic palette of this Cognac from the smallest and most highly favored of the AOC crus. Produced in limited quantities.
RPP: £110

4) Hine Antique XO

A truly sensory journey: provocative perfumes of spices, vanilla and liquorice blend together with irresistible hints of chocolate and baked apple. Complex, rich, supple, balanced and long-lasting on the palate. It is a blend of over 40 cognacs all aged for a minimum of 10 years, exclusively from grapes grown in Grande Champagne, the finest cru of the Cognac region.
RPP: £105

5) Ragnaud Sabourin Fontevieille No. 35

Colour: mahogany, Nose: fruity liquorice - lime, Taste: mellow marked by the Charente rancio , Varietal: 60% Ugni Blanc and 40% Folle Blanche - Colombard . The balanced marriage of 3 Cognac grape gives it a unique charm . Its name comes from the oldest plots of the property.
RPP: £115

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