Thursday, 23 April 2020

Cocina Hermanos Torres (Barcelona)

Iconic restaurant in the making

Suckling pig from Extremadura

Barcelona is one of the top gastronomy destinations in Europe, flooded with so many top restaurants, ranging from classy tapas bars to state of the art fine dinings. Picking a place to visit is not an easy task. I picked Cocina Hermanos Torres based on 1 reason, the double Michelin starred venue has 3 island kitchens taking the central stage inside the main dining area. All the tables are built around the kitchens so, in theory, every single table is a chef table, having the chance to witness chefs in action. The restaurant is also located within a former warehouse but with a contemporary makeover to make it extremely edgy. Like many modern fine dining restaurants in Barcelona, Cocina Hermanos Torres serves a tasting menu with a very limited alc option.

Truffle cake
Sea urchin, crayfish, seaweed
Cured squid, caviar
Mussels, saffron
Cheese, onion, truffle
Iberico ham and peas

One of the stands out dish was the sea urchin served in a crayfish consume. It had a beautiful depth of fresh and clean seawater taste, the addition of seaweed offered another level sea aroma and crunchy texture, I could not fault it. I had no idea how Cocina managed to turn a humble onion soup into something truly special. It had a depth of robust, bold earthy taste, backed by truffle and parmesan which boasted the level of umami aroma to the next level. I don't normally care much for dessert, but "the age of coco" was stunning, it had multi-layers of chocolate texture, from creamy, crunchy to cakelike. Some elements had such a powerful, bolt bittersweet taste to a level that almost tasted like smoky coffee which was unusual but totally flavoursome. 

Scarlet prawn, fennel
Truffle, mushroom, foie, olive
Tuna roe
Steamed seabass, sea salt
Cod and cod bone sauce
Detox apple ravioli
The age of coco

Cocina Hermanos Torres was a really eyeopening experience, the food was mostly great to outstanding, but the whole experience was also really unique and memorable. I just love the whole open kitchen concept, when you have the chance to see what is happening within the kitchen and seeing chefs engage with you to explain about their creations. Looking back to all the restaurants I have been to in Barcelona, I would rate it as my top 3, falling just behind the legendary Lasarte. There is no reason for Cocina Hermanos Torres not to get to 3 Michelin stars status in the near future if it keeps on finetuning and progressing, as it is really a wonderful and special restaurant.

Food 4.5/5

Average cost without drinks and services:

Carrer del Taquígraf Serra, 20, 08029 Barcelona, Spain

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