Sunday, 9 May 2021

Dim Sum and Duck

 Little Chinese gem in King Cross

Cantonese roasted duck

It has been tough with no proper Chinese food while UK is at full lockdown mode. Unfortunately, all my local Chinese takeaway shops' offering is pretty underwhelming, and travel to China Town seems like a big risk given is very crowded since outdoor dining is a thing. I came across Dim Sum and Duck while I was researching decent restaurants around King Cross for work reasons, and it appears to have very impressive reviews online. The menu is mostly classic Cantonese with a few 'western Chinese' dishes in the mix, the chef-owner used to work in Royal China so I was sure the quality would be decent at least. The dim sum and Cantonese roasted duck are the focal points as you can guess from the name of the restaurant.

Chive and prawn dumplings

Har gow

Xiao long bao

Unlike many restaurants that serve dim sum in Chinatown, the har gow here is steamed to order, using whole prawns instead of chopped prawns, a massive plus as it retained the moisture and texture. The xiao long bao's pork filling was well seasoned and moist, with an umami soup bomb wrapped within a thin layer of dumpling pastry, it was very impressive. The roasted duck was as good as it looked, beautiful colour and cooked to the perfect level, the meat was tender and had a great depth of five spices and sweet taste. The skin was also crispy which means the duck was freshly cooked. It was an instant upgrade vs the iconic roasted duck from Four Season in China Town.

Egg and pork congee

BBQ pork rice rolls

Wok fry beef rice noodles

Dim sum and Duck, the little Cantonese restaurant in King Cross really stand above vs your typical local Chinese takeaway, as well as many restaurants in Chinatown. A small family-run business with only a few tables and mainly focus on takeaway, It is hard to believe such a tiny restaurant can turn out such high standard, authentic Chinese food. The menu is big and loaded with many classic Cantonese dishes such as Peking ribs and beef clay pot, I would need to return in the near future to try out other dishes for sure. Also, a big shout to our waiter who served us, very friendly and warm-hearted.

Food: 3.5/5

What I paid: 

£26 pp with tea

Average cost without drinks and services:


124 King's Cross Rd, London WC1X 9DS

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